TransID Introduces Mobile RFID Reader Platform

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DALLAS, TEXAS--January 10, 2007 -- TransID LLC (TransID), a leading RFID asset tracking solutions provider, announced the immediate availability of its Mobile RFID Reader Platform (MRRP) tracking solution that permits construction and other mobile operations to automatically capture equipment transaction information at remote locations. The compact and rugged MRRP can be easily and quickly deployed to multiple locations within a facility and at remote jobsites.  The MRRP is comprised of an articulated and telescoping tower arm mounted on a single axle construction trailer with stabilizing outriggers, 7 kilowatt Kubota Diesel generator, 30 gallon fuel tank, SmartPass® Hi-Power RFID Tag Reader, 35’ retractable Reader interface cable, NEMA4 heated equipment enclosure containing the Reader interface, AC power conditioning, and a rugged Windows RFID Host PC with wireless, serial and USB interface.  The MRRP is capable of reading RFID tags mounted on vehicles, materials haulers, heavy construction equipment, and other assets.

RFID tag reads are captured with date and time stamps to record number of loads, cycle times, arrival and dispatch transactions, and other critical mobile process information. A clearly visible tag lock pilot light provides positive feedback to equipment operators that tags are being read. The MRRP includes a rugged Windows® RFID Host PC with sufficient memory to store days or weeks of tag transactions before requiring download. Alternately, tag transactions can be transmitted over wireless networks for real time data collection. The onboard diesel generator and fuel tank is capable of operating the MRRP continuously for up to two days without requiring refueling. High intensity work lights are available for mounting on the MRRP telescoping mast to provide site illumination if desired.

Detailed specifications and illustrations of the  MRRP can be obtained at MRRP_Profile.pdf or by contacting TransID.

ABOUT TRANSID LLC. TransID is a leader in automatic identification and data collection technologies specializing in RFID asset tracking and management. TransID's identification and tracking components utilize the latest technology to provide constant, on-demand information about valuable mobile assets, their physical location, telemetry, and status.

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