Homeland Security and Fleet Asset Tracking Solution Available

(For Immediate Release)
DALLAS, TEXAS--March 18, 2004 -- TransID LLC, a leading asset tracking solutions provider, announced the introduction of a Homeland Security and asset tracking device that combines local area peer-to-peer communication with GPS satellite tracking and GSM cellular capabilities, supported by a secure Internet based yard and asset management software package. This compact unit, approximately the size of a TV remote control, uses both mobile ad-hoc and GSM communications to provide complete wireless coverage while in the yard, lot, or terminal, and while in transit.

These high security-tracking units include the ability to provide telemetry information such as speed, direction, altitude, door open/close status, temperature, fuel levels, and "emergency" conditions, and include a rechargeable backup battery. Additional sensors may be interfaced to include critical trailer and engine information. Pricing for these units is lower than existing traditional tracking units with less features and functionality.

For those whose business is moving goods, continuous real-time knowledge of cargo location and security is a high priority. The whereabouts and integrity of high value or high risk shipments, including hazardous materials, must be known and accessible to authorized personnel at all times. In addition to freight tracking, all rental, utility, service and delivery vehicles, and heavy-duty construction equipment businesses can benefit from continuous location and telemetry information provided by this solution. Positive bottom line impact is realized through increased fleet efficiency, improved asset optimization, and the prevention of unauthorized use and activities, including lost or stolen cargo and vehicles.

ABOUT TRANSID LLC. TransID is a leader in automatic identification and data collection technologies and specializes in asset tracking and management. TransID's identification and tracking components utilize the latest technology to provide constant, on-demand information about valuable assets, their physical location, and status - all visible via a secure web browser.

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